Register for Beginner 1 Classes
About Beginner - 1 Classes: (Kids & Adults) For all new students to the skate school regardless of their current skating ability.

This class is for all students who are new to Skate Journeys. EVERYONE must take this class, although it will be adjusted for those who are self-taught or have other experience skating. Because this is a private lesson we will teach the Beginner-1 class at your level. For those who can skate (simply move forward) we review quickly the edges, four main elements of all skate moves, and review braking and other basic fundamentals. For BRAND NEW BEGINNER-1 students we provide a complete introduction to skating, including the Ready Position, the elements of falling (without falling onto our knees) the four elements of all moves, V-Walk, Basic Stride, and Stopping. How far along a student moves is based on their own ability.
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Rules & Requirements
  • Everyone, including parents dropping off students must wear a mask
  • Kids should use restroom prior to class as instructor cannot escort
  • Please bring a bottle of water for kids that is already opened, so instructor does not need to touch
  • Arrive 15 minutes early for all classes and take a loop or two to warm up
  • Time noted is when student must be in skates and gear and ready to go
  • Parents must assist in gear as instructors and students need to keep their distance
  • 4 hour advance notice to cancel or SJ will charge $10 for late cancel fee unless class is filled
Upcoming Classes
Note: Families with up to 4 participants may arrange a semi-private group lesson using social distancing. To do this, register each of the participating students for consecutive classes (if classes that take place one after the other are not available on a specific day, we will not be able to make this accomodation on that day). Please note that we schedule no more than 1 hour, regardless of number of students, i.e. 30 minutes for one student, 60 minutes for 2 students or more. Please state your preference when booking.
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